Wednesday, November 9, 2011

End of Season report

Hi folks,
Finally settled down back in the big city ... and yes the Grand Kid is almost as big as some of the trout we caught this season!

We really did have a big fish season.. lot's of fish in that 22" - 25" range.. and a lot of them on dry flies! Good stuff! Maybe the flood, and losing a month of fishing, made the fish a little less spooky??? ..... Maybe more fish ran up from Seminoe Res with the big water?? Maybe my client base is made up of incredibly talented fisher-people??? Nope, I'm sure it's the guide! Regardless..... it was fun to see the nice numbers of big boys!

September was as wonderful as I can remember a September being ... beautiful days and the river bottom was incredibly bright with color and gorgeous. The Tricos lasted a little longer than I like and yes they fish started to get a bit picky ... unless you tossed a Kiwi Beetle in the pod ... why eat a little black&white bug when you can have a big, blue and peacock beetle pattern!

Word must be out as I've booked three trips this week ... weird... early... but happily accepted!

Thank you folks so much for your support. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, holidays and winter!
Stay in touch ... come Feb - Mar we should have a good idea what this springs water should look like ... hope we can fish before mid July this year!

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