Monday, September 12, 2011

End of Season & Great Fishing!

Hi All,
Can't believe the season's end is on us.... but have we had a great late August - early September. Went out with new friend John and wife Farren (sp?) and had a great day last Tuesday ... Rain, overcast and mayflies! Heads up everywhere.

Terrestrials still doing great ... hoppers, beetles and ants oh my ... some very large fish on hoppers right Bill? 22" Bow in amongst the roots and junk in a back corner of a braid ... perfect Brown water.

My yearly group in from Oklahoma and John did it again ( see attached photo ) broke his previous big fish of his life from last year and broke it twice this year! 23" perfect Bow from the labor day hole ... that place has fished awesome for me now for 30 years! Well done John!

New fly fisher Josh on his first fly fishing float trip got royally screwed ...... landed a huge male Brown ( pic on a cell phone coming to share I hope ) about 23" all colored up, huge jaw, copper, yellows and red spots the size of quarters ...... it will take a while for Josh to top that ... or maybe not???

Al and Rick up tomorrow for their second trip of the year ... should be great as we have a cold front with clouds and rain on the way!

Grand baby George with Great Grand Ma, Grand Ma, Mom and Aunt showing up this weekend .... he's only 5 months old but I'll have him throwing 50ft with hoppers by the end of the weekend!

65ers show up the last week of Sept - early Oct to shut us down.... a quick but excellent year!
I'll be around till the 9th of October ... so if you're up, need a report or a float give a shout!
Mitch 307 710 0848