Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's on and should stay on!!

Hi Folks,
Finally the last 2 plus weeks the fishing is on .... nymphs but especially streamers. Bugs are hatching but the water is a bit too high for the dry fly lines to open up.
Streamers: try all colors you have, day to day the fishes preferences will change.
Predictions ..... hoppers are a bit behind .... cold weather ... but they are still out there in big numbers ... look to end of next week or mid August for these bugs to start hitting the water in earnest!
Be careful if floating the river on your own. I floated the lower section a couple of days last week and there's one sunk Hyde drift boat in the middle of the river and a cracked up raft in a log jam. The river is still big, with big new sand bars that make the entry chutes into runs... smaller with a quicker current and little room to maneuver ..... especially watch the bridge across from Hacks in town ... the current is quick and pushes you hard into the bridge abutments ...... had a close call there myself! ..... ahhhh but years of drinking good whiskey and the reflexes of a young cat saw me though!
As always for up to the minute reports give a call ... in the evening ...... I'm on the river otherwise!
Mitch 307 710 0848

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Loooong Spring!! Dang it!

Hey all,

Yes it's the Tuesday after the forth of July ... and yes we're still at flood stage in town!

We've had a couple of decent days on the upper river, 6 mile to Bennett, but overall it's been slow due to the water chugging up and down, and the rain won't stop. We were supposed to be out of flood stage today but due to the rain that fell last night, and will continue to fall all this week the rivers will be coming back up. As of this am the river had dropped about 4-5 inches but will bounce back up with the rain.

It's not all gloom and doom ... My folks from EDI were back out for their annual trip. Highlights ... we'll they are all good guys, we had two good trips on the upper river, Shugs chicken shack put on and awesome meal, some character was mooning the river and Pat caught a 22 - 24" Tiger trout! As soon as son Kyle gets me the pic I'll post in on my blog.... it was a very cool fish!

Looking forward .... do to the inconsistency of the water I just canceled the 65ers trip for this week ... with a break from the weather I'm thinking this river will drop nicely and we'll be all go the end of this week, beginning of next.... the river wants to drop and fish!

I'm thinking August might be the best of the season with our water and the hopper plague .... early mornings, big flies and big fish.

For instant water updates give a holler ..... 307 710 0848 or 303 298 0848

Hope you all had a great 4th!

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