Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fishing Finally here !!!

Hey Folks,

Well, finally its time! Yes the river is high, yes Fish and Game won't let you get on the lower river but .... the clarity is great and the Salmon Flies are on the upper. And it doesn't look like the Guest House will be floating away .... only because of the superior efforts of the town, National Guard, Forest Service and the honor farm at the State pen.
I wanted to float Bennett tomorrow but my clients were a bit shy of the big water... can't blame them, so it's off to do a bit of lake fishing. I'll get on the river when my friends from EDI show up! I know Pat and Kyle love big water!!
Really not much to report at this time, fish are eating Caddis right out front.... about a foot from the fence ..... A bottle of fine wine to my first client to have a drink in one hand, their rod in the other and catch a fish from the sand bags!! Oh Yes .... it will be done!

Hope you all are having a great spring early summer! Early this week we had two frosts in town!! But summer finally seems to be here to stay.

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