Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hi folks,

Hope everyone has enjoyed a great winter, so far, and that you're looking forward to spring. 70 degrees the last couple of days in the front range of Colorado, spring can't be too far away.

Quick re cap on last year ... Flooded in the spring, but.... the water dropped like a rock and we were fishing by the 3rd week in June. Fishing was really nice up til the last of July when is got hot and still for a few weeks. AM fishing only.

The rains started the beginning of August and the rest of the season was about as good as I can remember it.... especially for dry fly fishing! Most of my clients didn't touch a nymph or streamer rod for the rest of the season.The floating was great til the end on the lower river.

We had a great hopper hatch this year and the fish were looking for them. The Blue Wings were numerous and lasted a long time with pods of fish all over them. More better than 2009 when the tricos wouldn't leave and the fish by the end of August had their PHDs in fishermen! It's predicted to be another good hopper season this year as well! Love it!

2010 was great ... so how about this year?? We have a ton of snow in the hills and we're entering what is traditionally our snowiest months. The truth of it is.... you can never really know at this point. If like last year it snows and stays cold right up to June then turns warm with rain ... well, we'll probably have a big run off.. hopefully not like last year! Sand Bags are heavy!

I had one group last year that went through a frenzy of re booking because they thought a drought was on the way. Predictions made in February or March really don't work. I'll keep you in touch via my report/blog. Hope for a number of warm spells in April and May with it getting cold right after the warm spells. Let that snow come off slowly and in spurts. Of course then we'll have a mild run off we'll be worrying about low water and praying for rain!!!! Can't win! Pick a date and go fish! Our fishing calander on the site gives dates and what to expect. Or just call and ask how the fishing is! You really can't go too far wrong 3rd week of June - October.

I won't be booking any trips in April - May this year as I have some business that has to be attended to. I'll be in WY Friday - Monday then back to the front range of Colorado Tues - Thurs during this time. Come June it will be all on for the fishing!!

Any thoughts, questions or crap you need to give me... just yell! Be gentle with my though .... I'll be a grand pa come April 9th! Deb and I are excited and having a ball going through all the changes with the eldest daughter and her husband. It's a neat deal as a lot of you already know! Can't wait to get a fly rod in the munchkins hands!

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