Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where did the summer go ?? !!

Hi Folks,

Can't believe it's September already! But the Bluewings are here and we've had our first frost must be so!

I've been very busy so I apologize for my lack of fishing reports ...... remember, you can always call and I'm happy to fill you in on what's happening on the rivers. 303 298 0848 or 307 710 0848

Quick rundown on our oh so quick summer ....... when it got hot, it got hot. The end of July was a bear, warm water, hot sunny days and very still ...... can't remember a guide ever asking for wind! We did this July!

Then the first of August we got some good rain, river cooled, was up and down a bit but the fishing got better and the big fish came out to play. We continued to get cool temps and rain here and there, the Tricos have been good and the fishing has overall been very nice. I'm guessing the rest of the season should stay that way with the coolness of September ... just before the snow starts flying in October!

We're booked for the rest of the season .... with an odd day or two open for this guide to chase down the seasons last batch of mushrooms!

A fun summer with lot's of old friends and new faces on the deck. If you need a update on river conditions please, always fell free to call.

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848 & 307 710 0848