Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grandma gone wild ... big Browns!

Hi Folks,

Been a busy three weeks, sorry for the lack of reports. On the river most of that time.

As the pics to the left and below show some big fish coming out to play.

New friend Rae from Wisconsin really did a number on some big Browns.

Rest of the folks not so bad as well. Bob and Linda had an OK two days with us. Bob caught a nice Cuttbow then followed up with this beautiful Bow this morning.

The fishing.... wake up calls at 4am and on the River by 5:30 is THE way to fish right now. Are days have been hot and dusty with a wee bit of rain every now and again. The catching has been fair to excellent up to about 11:00 then it's time to get off, have lunch and take a nap.

The tricos are showing up on the lower river now and it shouldn't be long before we get into some nice spinner falls .... ah back to 6 and 7x.

We've had decent dry fly fishing on the Bennett float with terrestrials ..... soon it will be time to throw some dries on the lower, hoppers, beetles, ants.

Every time we get even just a little rain with cooler temps the fishing has taken off .... so do a rain dance and get to bed early and out early for the best fishing now.

See you on the river!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Porchini Trout!

Hi Folks,

New friends, Stan, Laurie & Hugh, from MO. and NY are staying with us for a few and floated with me yesterday ....... Today they're on the Encampment.

The Brown in the pics is a " Porchini " trout .... Fat as a little pig ... in this case a big Pig!

First trip on the lower river ... I have to say I'm always so happy to get down low ....... the upper river is awesome and beautiful and has been fishing very well ..... but when I first started fishing this river years ago the lower was my first introduction. I guess it's sorta like first love ..... it sticks with you for a long time.

Any way, we had the river to ourselves and lots of fish in the 14 - 16" range including a few in the 17 - 18" range and of course the big Brown..... 23" or so and felt between 5 - 6lbs.

So everywhere we fish it's great right now, the Encampment's drakes are moving up and Lot's of other stuff coming off. I've been getting on the river early, 6 - 7am, and the rivers seem to be on from early til noon, then the fish take a break until about 2:30 and then come back on.

I've said this a number of times in the past... If you're out fishing the lower river on your own fish it like a spring creek. What I mean by that is perfect drifts and lighter tippets. Because of how fertile the Platte is the river often looks muddy or at least a little off color ... it's not the case, right now for instance its crystal clear and the fish see everything.

Some will protest that using light leaders are hard on the big fish ..... not really ... on the lower river you always have soft water on the insides and even on 4 to 6x you can turn big fish into the slow water with a lot of side action, rod low to the water and pulling the fishes head sideways.. easy to control them that way and once in the slow water easy to land.

Well, here's hoping our summer continues to stay cool and everyone is getting out and wetting a line.

All the best,
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