Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fishing season in full swing!

Hi Folks,

Fishing is very good! For the first time this season we took fish on Streamers, nymphs and dries on the same trip.

Had our friends Jim and Linda in from Illinois yesterday. Linda caught a bug on her way through Laramie and unfortunately couldn't make the float ( one more reason to come directly to Saratoga!)

But, Jim was ready and we left the house at 6am. Now Jim is a graceful caster of bamboo and had some beautiful wooden sticks with him... some really nice stuff. I told Jim bugs were hatching but our best fishing would probably be on nymphs. He said he'd give it a try but when I brought out my 10' 5wt nymphing rig the expression on his face looked as though I was putting a pile of Scout droppings on board! Off we went!

The upper part of the Bennett stretch is great for streamers and his 5wt bamboo did just fine and we boated a few nice fish ... then we came to some prime nymphing runs ...... let's just say we caught some fish on nymphs and even stuck a very big Brown, 4 - 5lbs, which broke us off..... But poor Jim looked in pain working the sub surface stuff so just in the nick of time fish were on top! I've never seen one rod dropped and another picked up so quickly!! Jim was happy and back in his element!

We had Caddis, Yellow Sally's, Green Drakes, Mahogany's and PMDs all about.. with fish rising so what to put on ...... size 10 Trude with a soft hackle hares ear or Drake nymph dropped of the back worked just fine. About 50/50 takes on the dry or the dropper.

Any way, the river is coming into great shape and we only need the river to drop a few inches for the fish to be lined up in their dry taking lanes.

We had another boat on the river that floated Treasure to Pick and they did very well all day on streamers ....... in other words the whole system is starting to fish well, top to bottom. Lot's of Caddis, Drakes and Mahogany's littering the deck of the Guest House.

The Encampment ... Drakes are up, but so is the river, 800 cfs yesterday, bumped back up to 1050cfs overnight ... if it drops to between 500 and 600 cfs in the next few days the dry fishing will be outstanding

Fran in Pic with nice Bow from recent trip.

Getting lots of calls for trips and our season is almost fully booked. So I've been asked to show whats available.

Either the house and I or both of us are booked with the following exceptions...

Weekend of the 4th ... I usually leave that for Deb and I.... as it is a bit of a Zoo on the water .... although I'd take a trip on the Encampment if the Drakes are doing their thing. 10:30 - 3:00 ish.

Openings 7/20 and 7/25 , 8/ 1 - 4, 8/24 & 8/25, 8/29 - 31, 9/1 - 9 , 9/20 - 22 and 9/28 - 30.

I always leave a few days available for rest or stray clients showing up ... right Rick?? .... So give a call to catch up on whats up on the water or to fill up the rest of the calendar.

Deb's here tomorrow so time to get the under ware and dirty fishing shirts off the door handles, do a load of laundry and clean the cabin up a bit!

Happy Forth of July!
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Friday, June 25, 2010

Howdy Folks,

Check out these beauties .... the trout and the guys attached to them!

The bottom pic is a man to be reckoned with. The previous holder of the " oldest client in the boat " record at 95 ...... is still champ! Joe now 98 still hops in and out of the boat like a man 60 years his junior! I'm always honored and humbled after a day on the river with Joe ..... mischievous twinkle in his eyes and a constant smile ..... a recipe I hope to emulate as I enter the twilight of my fishing years!! Joe thank you soooo much!

Now..... the other rouge in the pics is our old friend D Buck back for his yearly trip with us. D Buck, no spring chicken at 71, also always impresses. He's been fishing a long time and is a top rod. We had a great day on the Bennett float ... lots of fish and 5 fish from 17" to 22". Three of those fish got the dust off of our backing! We ended the day on the deck, a few drinks, Platte river pizza company pizza and solved most of the worlds problems ... a perfect trip!

The report ...... Last three days I've been on Bennett. Flows are high but the water is clear as can be. We've been catching a few on streamers but the fishing is hot right now with nymphs. Lot's of bugs hatching ... PMDs, Yellow Sally's, Caddis, a few stones still about and we're starting to see some Drakes. The river only has to come down about another 4 to 6 inches and the fish should start looking and eating eagerly on top. I'm sooooo happy to be rowing and not sand bagging!!

To sum it up, the fishing is as good as you can make it ..... a good presentation will set you free! And also will show you your backing!

I've got two boats going out on the lower river this weekend .... will report back soon.

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finally ... time to go fishing!

Hi Folks,

Well on 6/8/10 our pond became a lake! Bottom photo. A little frantic around town for a few days but as you can see from the top photo, today 6/17/10 we're back to normal.

We hit historic highs and like our wonderful Platte and Encampment rivers can do .... after those highs they're dropping like a rock, clearing and warming up! Maybe now we can start the fishing season!

River in town is 53 degrees and warming, a couple of more days and it should be near the sweet spot of around 57 degrees.

Salmon Flies were going crazy the week of the 8th .... alas with the high water not a fish was on them .... and a little dangerous to be on the water chasing them! One of my fishing guide buddies was in a boat in a hay field throwing big bugs! I wish I could say he got some ... nothin but cow pies!

We've dropped about 2 feet and here's what we'll have fishing wise.

We might be able to coax a few fish to the surface with the big bugs .... but probably the most effective way to get them will be with streamers and nymphs in the soft water on the inside of the seams......... The Kiwi Worm will be getting a workout these next weeks!

Thanks everyone for your patience while I've been rearranging trips ..... but we're ready to play! Only pics of fish and fisherpeople on the Blog from now on!!

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Monday, June 7, 2010

WY Fishing report ... water, water everywhere

Hey Folks,

New exciting addition to the Guest House... at no extra charge to our clients we have added a pond to the yard! We will stock it with 5 - 10lb trout starting this weekend. See pic taken from the deck closest to the river.

What has happened this year is a combination of lots of late snow and cool temps ... up until now. The late snow never had a chance to come off slowly with all our cool temps and now we finally have warm temps and thunder showers ... this all equals flooding.

All the great minds,us fishing guides, in the valley have been heating up the phone lines. The consensus is with the warm weather and rain we'll be high with some flooding through this week, we have flood warnings at this time up to Thursday, and my best guess is we'll crest towards this weekend and we should see the river stabilize and then start to drop ... we'll see. Large scale rain need not apply!!

In the meantime all relief efforts should be sent to Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service in the form of 12 - 18 year old scotch ..... a few of us are having a flood watch party and will use the empties in conjunction with the sand bags to save the Guest House!

Hope this finds you all high and dry!

Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848