Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi Folks!
Well just to let you know I'm not lazin around ..... Sarah ( in the pic ) and Charles came through for their annual trip with us ..... when they come back in August I'll actually take them fishing!
So whats a guide to do?? Well I took them hunting ..... and we did well! Cold wet springs will put the fishing on hold for a bit but the Morels and Oyster mushrooms love it!
Lot's of both and many great meals so far and the cupboard is full of dried mushrooms so your guide will not starve while waiting for the rivers to come back into shape! That is if Deb leaves me any ... she is a notorious thief of dried mushrooms!
So based on what the snow pack and rivers are doing I've moved a few trips back and we'll be officially get busy on the river the 23rd of June with Irene and Fran leading the charge.
We should be in fine shape with the waters perfect for the Drakes come the end of June into July. July this year should be awesome with lots of floats on the upper river throughout the month.
Even with the river virtually bank to bank with water.... every am in front of the Guest House there are fish bouncing all over ..... enjoyable way to enjoy the mornings coffee.
Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend .... and if your in the neighborhood stop by .... grilling Oyster Mushrooms on the deck!
All the best,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Got an Ark????

Hi folks,

We'll, all the fish heads, water rats and people with property on the river are starting to get nervous.

This spring has been a wild one. We just haven't had enough warm spells to slowly release our snow pack and it keeps on snowing up high and now we're getting rain. All rivers are off at this point or at least the parts we can get to! I'm guessing that the upper river floats would be great right now ... at least for a few more days ..... but we can't get to any of them! The Bennett road is a mess and not getting better as I write this it's getting rain and snow an it..... Oh well ....

You can't accurately forecast these things but, I think I'm going to be doing a lot of Mushroom hunting between now and probably the 3rd week in June .... I'll keep you posted.

Good news! This is all good for the rivers, we're going to have a good flush and the bugs and fish love it! Our friends in Nebraska are going to get all the water they need and maybe some of this will help refill the Ogalala aquafir. Plus this will lull the fish into a false sense of confidence .... they will have the river to themselves and be fat, happy, naive and waiting for a well presented bug from us in about 4 weeks!

Best to everyone,
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring @ 7000 ft

HI All,

Let's go fishing! Foot of snow in Rawlins to the North West of us, 3" here in town.

Calling for 70+ degrees for this weekend.

Thought you'd enjoy the attached pics of cold and lonely boats and gear!

Cheers, PS ( sorry the old blogger wouldn't open up my photos today... If you get my emails you got the shots.... we'll do better next time! )

Monday, May 10, 2010

WY Fishing 5/9/10

Hi All,

Two great trips under our belt..... and even perfect weather, sunny, warm and only a few snow flakes!

Bob " The legend " made his first trip out with us and the "ledge" did not disappoint with a 20" Bow and a 22" Brown. Along with some other nice fish we had a fun day. Thanks Bob! Look forward to having you back out with your crazy Susan on board!

John and Jack were up next and the day was truly beautiful and the fishing was real nice right up to about 1pm and we were surrounded by a few squalls which put the fish on hold. Still saw some nice fish in the 16 - 17" range. John hooked a big Brown at the Dead Cow Run which we got a good look at 20"+ ... a few tears were shed as he spit the streamer back at us. John and Jack are with us for a few more days to fish on their own... I'll report back how they made out ... If Jack can keep John under control they might stand a chance!

Conditions: The Platte and Encampment are both clear. We're still getting cold nights and haven't had hot, hot days or big rain storms so I expect the rivers to hold on for another couple of weeks before we start seeing some run off. The Platte has about 3 feet of visibility and the Encampment more.

Blue wings are coming off very nicely and this am in front of the Guest House I saw a few rises that looked like fish taking Caddis in the film..... a few warm days and we'll see our first good Caddis hatches.

I have about 8 days left open during the late June early July period, think drakes on the Encampment and some of the best water of the year on the upper Platte.

So to my Deb and all the other Moms out there, great fishing and Happy Mothers Day!!



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