Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fish waking up!

Hi all,

Just off the Encampment, blowing, snow and 10 or so fish. Not bad as we did have gust up to 40+mph .....what guides do on their days off!

The water visibility was great and the fishing on the Platte to Treasure Island was nice, mostly Browns with a few Rainbows mixed in. These rivers are starting to wake up little by little. The weather, as evidenced today, is the start of a 4 day of crap cycle .... but next week by Tuesday we'll be back in the 60s, sunny and settled. The rivers will have dropped a little and cleared up. The ups and downs of Spring!

Enjoy attached pics of guide Par with Rainbow caught today ......... Par wasn't drinking the beer in the cup holder .... we soak flies in it ... honest! The newest and greatest of fly floatents!
Pics of deer in our front yard breaking speed limit!

Have a few trips next week and Debs coming up ..... will report back then.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey Folks,

Par, wonder dog Tucker and I floated the Encampment yesterday ..... While catching up and petting the dog we managed to hook 10 or so fish, get sunburned and have a big Brown bend my hook and make his escape.

We didn't fish very intensely, didn't change flies and Tucker is a crappy guide...needing to constantly have his ears rubbed ... but through it all it's a great float with nice fish about. When we got to the Platte, about 4:30, it was up with, 3 - 4" of visibility.

Pic attached of fearless guide and pretty Bow.

Until later.
Mitch 303 298 0848

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hey all,

Just back from the Encampment..... it's floatable, water clarity is great and a friend of mine just got a 27" bow the other day. Now my friend is a guide so maybe take an inch or two off .... but having said that Will is a straight shooter, has caught a bunch of big fish.... it was at least 26 1/2" ! ..... regardless the Encampment is fishing well and a pretty float through the canyon.

It ought to stay that way for a while as it's cold here in the valley with frost on the windshields every morning and it's a bit colder where the Encampment is coming from so the water should stay good for a while.

All three disciplines should work just fine .... streamers, nymphing and midges on top on a sunny day with a little overcast we'll see some bluewings.

So look at the weather channel, pick a nice day or two and have at it, or pick a crappy day, bundle up and look for bluewings .... if with me we'll float if you do it yourself there's a lot of wadeable water. If the weather channel says warm and overcast grab your favorite dry fly rod jump in the car and head out.

The Platte is fishing ok from treasure to town, still ok visibility on the edges. Not gangbusters but on a pretty day a nice float and a few willing fish.

Call with any questions, I'm off to wet a line!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

WY fishing reoprt .... it's all on!

Hi all,

We'll we're up and running ..... the new boat is inflated and the frame tightened up, fresh batches of flies are tucked away in their boxes .... the Platte River Pizza company is still producing stellar dough and cheese concoctions and in between those pesky snow squalls the fish are in good form!

Deb, friends Jeff and Jen all came up to pitch in helping us open ........ Deb in particular, as usual, got a head of steam going and two days later the house is immaculate, thanks darlin !

While Deb was cleaning, Jen working on our web site, Jeff and I did the manly thing and went fishing. Three hours on a sunny river with midges hatching we hooked about 15 fish with a couple of the Rainbows in the 17"+ range ... good stuff! We were in the middle of town fishing the upper bridge. We continued our manly ways ... came home, poured a wee dram and complained about how cold our feet were ........ if it weren't for the saint like restraint of our fine ladies I'm afraid we'd be in the kennel and Scout in the beds... or worse! There were two sets of rolling eyes and much silence. I think we saved our skinny butts by cooking and doing dishes ..... but I could be making that up.

The river is in great shape, the fish are in great shape and in between fronts running through the fishing is good with midges, a few bluewings and even a few micro caddis flitting about.

The snow pack has caught up! The Snowy Range in places is above normal... 120+% or so. On the other side the Sierras are up to 100% of normal in places. For my regionally local folks it could hurt the trips that are booked to hit the Salmon flies, late May - early June. If that's the case and we're in run-off I'll give a call and we'll look to other dates.

Scout and I are jacked to be back! supposed to be near 60 Sunday ...... the new raft will get it's christening then!

If you want some fun spring fishing give a call ...... discounted guide trips apply til mid May or run-off ... which ever comes first.

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848