Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hi Folks,

Been fielding lots of calls with lots of questions (see what a few warm days out West does!) so here’s a quick rundown of the questions and answers.

Equipment: We have a great selection of rods available to our clients. We don’t charge for their use …. Just don’t break em! Top notch Sage and Scott rods are what we have 2wts to 7wts. So if it’s easier for you to travel without rods and reels just use ours. If you bring sunglasses and waders you’re all set!

Evening floats: Yes. These will be early summer through August. I ran a couple last year …….. Dragging our butts off of the deck and away from the beer/scotch bar….. it’s a great time of the day, cool, no wind and some fun dry fly fishing …… it’s as beautiful as the river gets …… just like first thing in the am.

Mushrooms: Quite a few requests for mushroom hunts! Dam it Jim I'm a fishing guide! I’m guessing all the meals I put together for friends and clients the last two seasons have generated some interest in the sport! So… absolutely let’s go! I’m a nut for the sport, just like fishing, so if I’m not on the river and the conditions are right…….. It’s all go. Check out www.fungi.com for all things mushrooms and great books on the subject.

Flies: www.orderflies.com is where I get my flies and the prices are great, right around $6.00 a dozen for most patterns, you have to buy a dozen of a same pattern and same size to get these prices.

Last and not least I’ll have an assistant working with me. Young Justin will be meeting us as we get off the river to help you with anything you might need help with…. Hanging waders to dry, organizing your gear, carrying stuff, running into town to get things you might need etc… then he’ll be cleaning boats, getting lunches and drinks organizing things for the next day’s trip. Nice young man and should be a great addition to our operation. He’s a bit of a river rat himself with some interest in guiding in the near future.

I have a few trips booked already in April so Deb and I are heading up April 2nd to open the joint up. So give a call (303 298 0848 year round now) or email me and I’ll give you an up close and personal report!

All the best,
Harrison’s Guest House & Guide Service