Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fishing Report

Hi Folks,

Well, it’s been a great winter; even caught my first fish of the year last week on the Platte out front of the Guest House in the riffle… lot of dust flew off the rod when I set the hook! ……… But… finding snow to ski on has been a bit hit or miss. As this pertains to the upcoming season….

Looks like it might be a stellar early season …….. By stellar I mean we might have a better than average shot at hitting the Salmon Flies on the Encampment and the Platte.

The big bugs get moving in May then start hitting the surface about June 1rst give or take. Usually we’d be mid run-off but with lower than normal snowpack we might have great access to the fish while using silly sized dry flies…. Look forward to wearing them out on our overnight trips on the upper river.

As always I’ll keep you posted with these reports or give me a call and we’ll talk water and fish. I’ve had a bunch of folks calling this winter to catch up; book trips and talk about the coming season… love it! Keep the calls coming! Lot’s of interest in our overnights on the upper river…. It will be a kick.

Cost for our overnights on the upper river… $1300. Per boat. All trips will have 2 boats with a minimum of 2 clients, a max of 4 clients. With a little notice we can get up to 4 boats together for this trip for larger groups. The trips include 2 days guided fishing, tents and sleeping bags, 2 lunches, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast…. and as always flies, tippet and rods as needed. Only $325. Per day per head with 2 clients per boat……. Nice deal for an awesome part of the river!

I’m continuing my early season deals this year (April – Early May), $300. A day on the Platte or $300. For a sweet ¾ day trip on the Encampment….. Last April we caught our largest Rainbow of the year…… and we had the river to ourselves! Hungry and na├»ve fish!

Dates that book quick and to keep in mind …… April – Early May, Blue Wings, lots of elbow room & discounted trips. This year, Hopefully, late May – early June for the Salmon Flies…….. Late June – Mid July Drakes …… September, Blue Wings and great weather.

We’re also hoping to gain access to put in and take on a section of the lower river that gets little to no pressure. I’ve wade fished the area and the potential for a very large trout is always the next cast away… I’ll keep you posted.

Got to go….. The youngest daughter is ready to make me look old and slow on the slopes ….. she better watch out the Olympics have me fired up…… if Bodie can come back for a medal there’s always hope ………. USA! USA! USA! Congrats to Lindsey Vonn !!

As a reminder my number… year round now is 303 298 0848

Hope this finds you all well and ready for the coming season !

All the best,
Harrison’s Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848