Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year.... 10 years in business

Happy New Year Everyone!!

We hope you have all enjoyed the holidays and that 2010 treats you and the fishes well.

Too early to make any water predictions, we are at about 116% of normal snowpack as of this writing, but I’ll keep in touch on a more regular basis as we get closer to the season.

What I can do is give you some ideas for trips this season. A good number of folks have booked already for the coming season, some Dads, Moms and kids got fishing trips this year from Santa!

The following thoughts are for our local fishers. When I say local I mean folks that can get here by car rather than flying out……. Nebraska, Utah, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Idaho and of course Colorado are our locals unless you’re from Texas or Florida and Jonezing for a road trip!

There are a number of times during the year when the fishing can be great…. But you can’t count on it because of inconsistent weather or run-off. One of these times is April/ early May ….. Could be beautiful or you could get a foot of snow… ah transitions! What I’ve done the past few years is offer a lower price for April, early May and…. If you’re a local client you can book a date during this time and if the weather or run-off is on our side.. Game on… if the weather or run-off are making things impossible… I’ll call to cancel your trip. Easy if you’re driving. If you’re flying here it’s best to pick our prime times with the prime weather so you don’t lose money by cancelling flights and car rentals.

April can have great Blue Wing Hatches on both the Platte and the Encampment and the Encampment is a kick to float in April/May if we have at least 200cfs…… it’s a beautiful and quiet time on this small river.

Another time is the first of June and the running of the Salmon Flies….. a spooky hatch at best… but if weather and run-off work out we’ve had some great days with big dry flies… once again you can book the times and if we have decent water clarity and the big bugs are out we could have a ball ….. If not I’ll give you a call.

On tap for the rest of the year ……. Mid June water coming down and warming up…. First of July…. Drakes on the Encampment… PMDs, Drakes and Caddis on the Big River

A word about the Green Drake hatch on the Encampment….. It can be a wild show… big fish, and lot’s of them, on dries from 10:30 till about 2sh. It’s a ball! If you don’t like company this might not be your trip….. And what would make this trip perfect for you is if you can easily tie on your own flies….. Reason?..... The Encampment …. where the hatch is at its best…. Is seriously private… no stopping at all…. So while I back row to hold us and you tie on a fly you might have lost on a fish or in the willows on the bank …. We’ll be able to take advantage of all those big heads coming up all around us! I, as always, supply flies and tippet and yes of course I can tie on the flies and leader/tippet…. We can always figure something out! Also… we have a brand new, pretty blue raft to bounce down the river with.

As my regular clients know Mid June through July as well as September usually book quickly so give a call or email and we’ll talk fishing.

Speaking of calls…. Unbelievably I’ve gone completely wireless….. So I now have only one number, year round 303 298 0848 I’ll have the numbers updated on our site soon www.northplattefishing.com Can it be long before I Tweet…. Have a Face in a Book…… or a Blue thingy hanging from my ear……. So easy a caveman can …………

And speaking of numbers…. This is our 10th year in operation!! Thanks everyone for all the great times… on and off the water…. Deb, Scout, Rod, Par, Phil, Ray, Jimbo, Beth and I look forward to the next ten……. If our rotator cuffs and livers can take it!

Off to visit friends and clients Charles & Sarah in Texas to see if we can fill the freezer with some wild pig….. might even have some available for grilling at the Guest House over the summer season….. I know my boys from Philly are holding out for the “ Pig fries “!

Just call with any questions and again…… Happy New Year!

Harrison’s Guest House & Guide Service