Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where did the summer go ?? !!

Hi Folks,

Can't believe it's September already! But the Bluewings are here and we've had our first frost must be so!

I've been very busy so I apologize for my lack of fishing reports ...... remember, you can always call and I'm happy to fill you in on what's happening on the rivers. 303 298 0848 or 307 710 0848

Quick rundown on our oh so quick summer ....... when it got hot, it got hot. The end of July was a bear, warm water, hot sunny days and very still ...... can't remember a guide ever asking for wind! We did this July!

Then the first of August we got some good rain, river cooled, was up and down a bit but the fishing got better and the big fish came out to play. We continued to get cool temps and rain here and there, the Tricos have been good and the fishing has overall been very nice. I'm guessing the rest of the season should stay that way with the coolness of September ... just before the snow starts flying in October!

We're booked for the rest of the season .... with an odd day or two open for this guide to chase down the seasons last batch of mushrooms!

A fun summer with lot's of old friends and new faces on the deck. If you need a update on river conditions please, always fell free to call.

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848 & 307 710 0848

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grandma gone wild ... big Browns!

Hi Folks,

Been a busy three weeks, sorry for the lack of reports. On the river most of that time.

As the pics to the left and below show some big fish coming out to play.

New friend Rae from Wisconsin really did a number on some big Browns.

Rest of the folks not so bad as well. Bob and Linda had an OK two days with us. Bob caught a nice Cuttbow then followed up with this beautiful Bow this morning.

The fishing.... wake up calls at 4am and on the River by 5:30 is THE way to fish right now. Are days have been hot and dusty with a wee bit of rain every now and again. The catching has been fair to excellent up to about 11:00 then it's time to get off, have lunch and take a nap.

The tricos are showing up on the lower river now and it shouldn't be long before we get into some nice spinner falls .... ah back to 6 and 7x.

We've had decent dry fly fishing on the Bennett float with terrestrials ..... soon it will be time to throw some dries on the lower, hoppers, beetles, ants.

Every time we get even just a little rain with cooler temps the fishing has taken off .... so do a rain dance and get to bed early and out early for the best fishing now.

See you on the river!

Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Friday, July 9, 2010

Porchini Trout!

Hi Folks,

New friends, Stan, Laurie & Hugh, from MO. and NY are staying with us for a few and floated with me yesterday ....... Today they're on the Encampment.

The Brown in the pics is a " Porchini " trout .... Fat as a little pig ... in this case a big Pig!

First trip on the lower river ... I have to say I'm always so happy to get down low ....... the upper river is awesome and beautiful and has been fishing very well ..... but when I first started fishing this river years ago the lower was my first introduction. I guess it's sorta like first love ..... it sticks with you for a long time.

Any way, we had the river to ourselves and lots of fish in the 14 - 16" range including a few in the 17 - 18" range and of course the big Brown..... 23" or so and felt between 5 - 6lbs.

So everywhere we fish it's great right now, the Encampment's drakes are moving up and Lot's of other stuff coming off. I've been getting on the river early, 6 - 7am, and the rivers seem to be on from early til noon, then the fish take a break until about 2:30 and then come back on.

I've said this a number of times in the past... If you're out fishing the lower river on your own fish it like a spring creek. What I mean by that is perfect drifts and lighter tippets. Because of how fertile the Platte is the river often looks muddy or at least a little off color ... it's not the case, right now for instance its crystal clear and the fish see everything.

Some will protest that using light leaders are hard on the big fish ..... not really ... on the lower river you always have soft water on the insides and even on 4 to 6x you can turn big fish into the slow water with a lot of side action, rod low to the water and pulling the fishes head sideways.. easy to control them that way and once in the slow water easy to land.

Well, here's hoping our summer continues to stay cool and everyone is getting out and wetting a line.

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fishing season in full swing!

Hi Folks,

Fishing is very good! For the first time this season we took fish on Streamers, nymphs and dries on the same trip.

Had our friends Jim and Linda in from Illinois yesterday. Linda caught a bug on her way through Laramie and unfortunately couldn't make the float ( one more reason to come directly to Saratoga!)

But, Jim was ready and we left the house at 6am. Now Jim is a graceful caster of bamboo and had some beautiful wooden sticks with him... some really nice stuff. I told Jim bugs were hatching but our best fishing would probably be on nymphs. He said he'd give it a try but when I brought out my 10' 5wt nymphing rig the expression on his face looked as though I was putting a pile of Scout droppings on board! Off we went!

The upper part of the Bennett stretch is great for streamers and his 5wt bamboo did just fine and we boated a few nice fish ... then we came to some prime nymphing runs ...... let's just say we caught some fish on nymphs and even stuck a very big Brown, 4 - 5lbs, which broke us off..... But poor Jim looked in pain working the sub surface stuff so just in the nick of time fish were on top! I've never seen one rod dropped and another picked up so quickly!! Jim was happy and back in his element!

We had Caddis, Yellow Sally's, Green Drakes, Mahogany's and PMDs all about.. with fish rising so what to put on ...... size 10 Trude with a soft hackle hares ear or Drake nymph dropped of the back worked just fine. About 50/50 takes on the dry or the dropper.

Any way, the river is coming into great shape and we only need the river to drop a few inches for the fish to be lined up in their dry taking lanes.

We had another boat on the river that floated Treasure to Pick and they did very well all day on streamers ....... in other words the whole system is starting to fish well, top to bottom. Lot's of Caddis, Drakes and Mahogany's littering the deck of the Guest House.

The Encampment ... Drakes are up, but so is the river, 800 cfs yesterday, bumped back up to 1050cfs overnight ... if it drops to between 500 and 600 cfs in the next few days the dry fishing will be outstanding

Fran in Pic with nice Bow from recent trip.

Getting lots of calls for trips and our season is almost fully booked. So I've been asked to show whats available.

Either the house and I or both of us are booked with the following exceptions...

Weekend of the 4th ... I usually leave that for Deb and I.... as it is a bit of a Zoo on the water .... although I'd take a trip on the Encampment if the Drakes are doing their thing. 10:30 - 3:00 ish.

Openings 7/20 and 7/25 , 8/ 1 - 4, 8/24 & 8/25, 8/29 - 31, 9/1 - 9 , 9/20 - 22 and 9/28 - 30.

I always leave a few days available for rest or stray clients showing up ... right Rick?? .... So give a call to catch up on whats up on the water or to fill up the rest of the calendar.

Deb's here tomorrow so time to get the under ware and dirty fishing shirts off the door handles, do a load of laundry and clean the cabin up a bit!

Happy Forth of July!
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Friday, June 25, 2010

Howdy Folks,

Check out these beauties .... the trout and the guys attached to them!

The bottom pic is a man to be reckoned with. The previous holder of the " oldest client in the boat " record at 95 ...... is still champ! Joe now 98 still hops in and out of the boat like a man 60 years his junior! I'm always honored and humbled after a day on the river with Joe ..... mischievous twinkle in his eyes and a constant smile ..... a recipe I hope to emulate as I enter the twilight of my fishing years!! Joe thank you soooo much!

Now..... the other rouge in the pics is our old friend D Buck back for his yearly trip with us. D Buck, no spring chicken at 71, also always impresses. He's been fishing a long time and is a top rod. We had a great day on the Bennett float ... lots of fish and 5 fish from 17" to 22". Three of those fish got the dust off of our backing! We ended the day on the deck, a few drinks, Platte river pizza company pizza and solved most of the worlds problems ... a perfect trip!

The report ...... Last three days I've been on Bennett. Flows are high but the water is clear as can be. We've been catching a few on streamers but the fishing is hot right now with nymphs. Lot's of bugs hatching ... PMDs, Yellow Sally's, Caddis, a few stones still about and we're starting to see some Drakes. The river only has to come down about another 4 to 6 inches and the fish should start looking and eating eagerly on top. I'm sooooo happy to be rowing and not sand bagging!!

To sum it up, the fishing is as good as you can make it ..... a good presentation will set you free! And also will show you your backing!

I've got two boats going out on the lower river this weekend .... will report back soon.

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finally ... time to go fishing!

Hi Folks,

Well on 6/8/10 our pond became a lake! Bottom photo. A little frantic around town for a few days but as you can see from the top photo, today 6/17/10 we're back to normal.

We hit historic highs and like our wonderful Platte and Encampment rivers can do .... after those highs they're dropping like a rock, clearing and warming up! Maybe now we can start the fishing season!

River in town is 53 degrees and warming, a couple of more days and it should be near the sweet spot of around 57 degrees.

Salmon Flies were going crazy the week of the 8th .... alas with the high water not a fish was on them .... and a little dangerous to be on the water chasing them! One of my fishing guide buddies was in a boat in a hay field throwing big bugs! I wish I could say he got some ... nothin but cow pies!

We've dropped about 2 feet and here's what we'll have fishing wise.

We might be able to coax a few fish to the surface with the big bugs .... but probably the most effective way to get them will be with streamers and nymphs in the soft water on the inside of the seams......... The Kiwi Worm will be getting a workout these next weeks!

Thanks everyone for your patience while I've been rearranging trips ..... but we're ready to play! Only pics of fish and fisherpeople on the Blog from now on!!

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Monday, June 7, 2010

WY Fishing report ... water, water everywhere

Hey Folks,

New exciting addition to the Guest House... at no extra charge to our clients we have added a pond to the yard! We will stock it with 5 - 10lb trout starting this weekend. See pic taken from the deck closest to the river.

What has happened this year is a combination of lots of late snow and cool temps ... up until now. The late snow never had a chance to come off slowly with all our cool temps and now we finally have warm temps and thunder showers ... this all equals flooding.

All the great minds,us fishing guides, in the valley have been heating up the phone lines. The consensus is with the warm weather and rain we'll be high with some flooding through this week, we have flood warnings at this time up to Thursday, and my best guess is we'll crest towards this weekend and we should see the river stabilize and then start to drop ... we'll see. Large scale rain need not apply!!

In the meantime all relief efforts should be sent to Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service in the form of 12 - 18 year old scotch ..... a few of us are having a flood watch party and will use the empties in conjunction with the sand bags to save the Guest House!

Hope this finds you all high and dry!

Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi Folks!
Well just to let you know I'm not lazin around ..... Sarah ( in the pic ) and Charles came through for their annual trip with us ..... when they come back in August I'll actually take them fishing!
So whats a guide to do?? Well I took them hunting ..... and we did well! Cold wet springs will put the fishing on hold for a bit but the Morels and Oyster mushrooms love it!
Lot's of both and many great meals so far and the cupboard is full of dried mushrooms so your guide will not starve while waiting for the rivers to come back into shape! That is if Deb leaves me any ... she is a notorious thief of dried mushrooms!
So based on what the snow pack and rivers are doing I've moved a few trips back and we'll be officially get busy on the river the 23rd of June with Irene and Fran leading the charge.
We should be in fine shape with the waters perfect for the Drakes come the end of June into July. July this year should be awesome with lots of floats on the upper river throughout the month.
Even with the river virtually bank to bank with water.... every am in front of the Guest House there are fish bouncing all over ..... enjoyable way to enjoy the mornings coffee.
Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend .... and if your in the neighborhood stop by .... grilling Oyster Mushrooms on the deck!
All the best,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Got an Ark????

Hi folks,

We'll, all the fish heads, water rats and people with property on the river are starting to get nervous.

This spring has been a wild one. We just haven't had enough warm spells to slowly release our snow pack and it keeps on snowing up high and now we're getting rain. All rivers are off at this point or at least the parts we can get to! I'm guessing that the upper river floats would be great right now ... at least for a few more days ..... but we can't get to any of them! The Bennett road is a mess and not getting better as I write this it's getting rain and snow an it..... Oh well ....

You can't accurately forecast these things but, I think I'm going to be doing a lot of Mushroom hunting between now and probably the 3rd week in June .... I'll keep you posted.

Good news! This is all good for the rivers, we're going to have a good flush and the bugs and fish love it! Our friends in Nebraska are going to get all the water they need and maybe some of this will help refill the Ogalala aquafir. Plus this will lull the fish into a false sense of confidence .... they will have the river to themselves and be fat, happy, naive and waiting for a well presented bug from us in about 4 weeks!

Best to everyone,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring @ 7000 ft

HI All,

Let's go fishing! Foot of snow in Rawlins to the North West of us, 3" here in town.

Calling for 70+ degrees for this weekend.

Thought you'd enjoy the attached pics of cold and lonely boats and gear!

Cheers, PS ( sorry the old blogger wouldn't open up my photos today... If you get my emails you got the shots.... we'll do better next time! )

Monday, May 10, 2010

WY Fishing 5/9/10

Hi All,

Two great trips under our belt..... and even perfect weather, sunny, warm and only a few snow flakes!

Bob " The legend " made his first trip out with us and the "ledge" did not disappoint with a 20" Bow and a 22" Brown. Along with some other nice fish we had a fun day. Thanks Bob! Look forward to having you back out with your crazy Susan on board!

John and Jack were up next and the day was truly beautiful and the fishing was real nice right up to about 1pm and we were surrounded by a few squalls which put the fish on hold. Still saw some nice fish in the 16 - 17" range. John hooked a big Brown at the Dead Cow Run which we got a good look at 20"+ ... a few tears were shed as he spit the streamer back at us. John and Jack are with us for a few more days to fish on their own... I'll report back how they made out ... If Jack can keep John under control they might stand a chance!

Conditions: The Platte and Encampment are both clear. We're still getting cold nights and haven't had hot, hot days or big rain storms so I expect the rivers to hold on for another couple of weeks before we start seeing some run off. The Platte has about 3 feet of visibility and the Encampment more.

Blue wings are coming off very nicely and this am in front of the Guest House I saw a few rises that looked like fish taking Caddis in the film..... a few warm days and we'll see our first good Caddis hatches.

I have about 8 days left open during the late June early July period, think drakes on the Encampment and some of the best water of the year on the upper Platte.

So to my Deb and all the other Moms out there, great fishing and Happy Mothers Day!!



Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fish waking up!

Hi all,

Just off the Encampment, blowing, snow and 10 or so fish. Not bad as we did have gust up to 40+mph .....what guides do on their days off!

The water visibility was great and the fishing on the Platte to Treasure Island was nice, mostly Browns with a few Rainbows mixed in. These rivers are starting to wake up little by little. The weather, as evidenced today, is the start of a 4 day of crap cycle .... but next week by Tuesday we'll be back in the 60s, sunny and settled. The rivers will have dropped a little and cleared up. The ups and downs of Spring!

Enjoy attached pics of guide Par with Rainbow caught today ......... Par wasn't drinking the beer in the cup holder .... we soak flies in it ... honest! The newest and greatest of fly floatents!
Pics of deer in our front yard breaking speed limit!

Have a few trips next week and Debs coming up ..... will report back then.

Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey Folks,

Par, wonder dog Tucker and I floated the Encampment yesterday ..... While catching up and petting the dog we managed to hook 10 or so fish, get sunburned and have a big Brown bend my hook and make his escape.

We didn't fish very intensely, didn't change flies and Tucker is a crappy guide...needing to constantly have his ears rubbed ... but through it all it's a great float with nice fish about. When we got to the Platte, about 4:30, it was up with, 3 - 4" of visibility.

Pic attached of fearless guide and pretty Bow.

Until later.
Mitch 303 298 0848

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hey all,

Just back from the Encampment..... it's floatable, water clarity is great and a friend of mine just got a 27" bow the other day. Now my friend is a guide so maybe take an inch or two off .... but having said that Will is a straight shooter, has caught a bunch of big fish.... it was at least 26 1/2" ! ..... regardless the Encampment is fishing well and a pretty float through the canyon.

It ought to stay that way for a while as it's cold here in the valley with frost on the windshields every morning and it's a bit colder where the Encampment is coming from so the water should stay good for a while.

All three disciplines should work just fine .... streamers, nymphing and midges on top on a sunny day with a little overcast we'll see some bluewings.

So look at the weather channel, pick a nice day or two and have at it, or pick a crappy day, bundle up and look for bluewings .... if with me we'll float if you do it yourself there's a lot of wadeable water. If the weather channel says warm and overcast grab your favorite dry fly rod jump in the car and head out.

The Platte is fishing ok from treasure to town, still ok visibility on the edges. Not gangbusters but on a pretty day a nice float and a few willing fish.

Call with any questions, I'm off to wet a line!

Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Friday, April 9, 2010

WY fishing reoprt .... it's all on!

Hi all,

We'll we're up and running ..... the new boat is inflated and the frame tightened up, fresh batches of flies are tucked away in their boxes .... the Platte River Pizza company is still producing stellar dough and cheese concoctions and in between those pesky snow squalls the fish are in good form!

Deb, friends Jeff and Jen all came up to pitch in helping us open ........ Deb in particular, as usual, got a head of steam going and two days later the house is immaculate, thanks darlin !

While Deb was cleaning, Jen working on our web site, Jeff and I did the manly thing and went fishing. Three hours on a sunny river with midges hatching we hooked about 15 fish with a couple of the Rainbows in the 17"+ range ... good stuff! We were in the middle of town fishing the upper bridge. We continued our manly ways ... came home, poured a wee dram and complained about how cold our feet were ........ if it weren't for the saint like restraint of our fine ladies I'm afraid we'd be in the kennel and Scout in the beds... or worse! There were two sets of rolling eyes and much silence. I think we saved our skinny butts by cooking and doing dishes ..... but I could be making that up.

The river is in great shape, the fish are in great shape and in between fronts running through the fishing is good with midges, a few bluewings and even a few micro caddis flitting about.

The snow pack has caught up! The Snowy Range in places is above normal... 120+% or so. On the other side the Sierras are up to 100% of normal in places. For my regionally local folks it could hurt the trips that are booked to hit the Salmon flies, late May - early June. If that's the case and we're in run-off I'll give a call and we'll look to other dates.

Scout and I are jacked to be back! supposed to be near 60 Sunday ...... the new raft will get it's christening then!

If you want some fun spring fishing give a call ...... discounted guide trips apply til mid May or run-off ... which ever comes first.

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hi Folks,

Been fielding lots of calls with lots of questions (see what a few warm days out West does!) so here’s a quick rundown of the questions and answers.

Equipment: We have a great selection of rods available to our clients. We don’t charge for their use …. Just don’t break em! Top notch Sage and Scott rods are what we have 2wts to 7wts. So if it’s easier for you to travel without rods and reels just use ours. If you bring sunglasses and waders you’re all set!

Evening floats: Yes. These will be early summer through August. I ran a couple last year …….. Dragging our butts off of the deck and away from the beer/scotch bar….. it’s a great time of the day, cool, no wind and some fun dry fly fishing …… it’s as beautiful as the river gets …… just like first thing in the am.

Mushrooms: Quite a few requests for mushroom hunts! Dam it Jim I'm a fishing guide! I’m guessing all the meals I put together for friends and clients the last two seasons have generated some interest in the sport! So… absolutely let’s go! I’m a nut for the sport, just like fishing, so if I’m not on the river and the conditions are right…….. It’s all go. Check out for all things mushrooms and great books on the subject.

Flies: is where I get my flies and the prices are great, right around $6.00 a dozen for most patterns, you have to buy a dozen of a same pattern and same size to get these prices.

Last and not least I’ll have an assistant working with me. Young Justin will be meeting us as we get off the river to help you with anything you might need help with…. Hanging waders to dry, organizing your gear, carrying stuff, running into town to get things you might need etc… then he’ll be cleaning boats, getting lunches and drinks organizing things for the next day’s trip. Nice young man and should be a great addition to our operation. He’s a bit of a river rat himself with some interest in guiding in the near future.

I have a few trips booked already in April so Deb and I are heading up April 2nd to open the joint up. So give a call (303 298 0848 year round now) or email me and I’ll give you an up close and personal report!

All the best,
Harrison’s Guest House & Guide Service

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fishing Report

Hi Folks,

Well, it’s been a great winter; even caught my first fish of the year last week on the Platte out front of the Guest House in the riffle… lot of dust flew off the rod when I set the hook! ……… But… finding snow to ski on has been a bit hit or miss. As this pertains to the upcoming season….

Looks like it might be a stellar early season …….. By stellar I mean we might have a better than average shot at hitting the Salmon Flies on the Encampment and the Platte.

The big bugs get moving in May then start hitting the surface about June 1rst give or take. Usually we’d be mid run-off but with lower than normal snowpack we might have great access to the fish while using silly sized dry flies…. Look forward to wearing them out on our overnight trips on the upper river.

As always I’ll keep you posted with these reports or give me a call and we’ll talk water and fish. I’ve had a bunch of folks calling this winter to catch up; book trips and talk about the coming season… love it! Keep the calls coming! Lot’s of interest in our overnights on the upper river…. It will be a kick.

Cost for our overnights on the upper river… $1300. Per boat. All trips will have 2 boats with a minimum of 2 clients, a max of 4 clients. With a little notice we can get up to 4 boats together for this trip for larger groups. The trips include 2 days guided fishing, tents and sleeping bags, 2 lunches, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast…. and as always flies, tippet and rods as needed. Only $325. Per day per head with 2 clients per boat……. Nice deal for an awesome part of the river!

I’m continuing my early season deals this year (April – Early May), $300. A day on the Platte or $300. For a sweet ¾ day trip on the Encampment….. Last April we caught our largest Rainbow of the year…… and we had the river to ourselves! Hungry and na├»ve fish!

Dates that book quick and to keep in mind …… April – Early May, Blue Wings, lots of elbow room & discounted trips. This year, Hopefully, late May – early June for the Salmon Flies…….. Late June – Mid July Drakes …… September, Blue Wings and great weather.

We’re also hoping to gain access to put in and take on a section of the lower river that gets little to no pressure. I’ve wade fished the area and the potential for a very large trout is always the next cast away… I’ll keep you posted.

Got to go….. The youngest daughter is ready to make me look old and slow on the slopes ….. she better watch out the Olympics have me fired up…… if Bodie can come back for a medal there’s always hope ………. USA! USA! USA! Congrats to Lindsey Vonn !!

As a reminder my number… year round now is 303 298 0848

Hope this finds you all well and ready for the coming season !

All the best,
Harrison’s Guest House & Guide Service 303 298 0848

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year.... 10 years in business

Happy New Year Everyone!!

We hope you have all enjoyed the holidays and that 2010 treats you and the fishes well.

Too early to make any water predictions, we are at about 116% of normal snowpack as of this writing, but I’ll keep in touch on a more regular basis as we get closer to the season.

What I can do is give you some ideas for trips this season. A good number of folks have booked already for the coming season, some Dads, Moms and kids got fishing trips this year from Santa!

The following thoughts are for our local fishers. When I say local I mean folks that can get here by car rather than flying out……. Nebraska, Utah, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Idaho and of course Colorado are our locals unless you’re from Texas or Florida and Jonezing for a road trip!

There are a number of times during the year when the fishing can be great…. But you can’t count on it because of inconsistent weather or run-off. One of these times is April/ early May ….. Could be beautiful or you could get a foot of snow… ah transitions! What I’ve done the past few years is offer a lower price for April, early May and…. If you’re a local client you can book a date during this time and if the weather or run-off is on our side.. Game on… if the weather or run-off are making things impossible… I’ll call to cancel your trip. Easy if you’re driving. If you’re flying here it’s best to pick our prime times with the prime weather so you don’t lose money by cancelling flights and car rentals.

April can have great Blue Wing Hatches on both the Platte and the Encampment and the Encampment is a kick to float in April/May if we have at least 200cfs…… it’s a beautiful and quiet time on this small river.

Another time is the first of June and the running of the Salmon Flies….. a spooky hatch at best… but if weather and run-off work out we’ve had some great days with big dry flies… once again you can book the times and if we have decent water clarity and the big bugs are out we could have a ball ….. If not I’ll give you a call.

On tap for the rest of the year ……. Mid June water coming down and warming up…. First of July…. Drakes on the Encampment… PMDs, Drakes and Caddis on the Big River

A word about the Green Drake hatch on the Encampment….. It can be a wild show… big fish, and lot’s of them, on dries from 10:30 till about 2sh. It’s a ball! If you don’t like company this might not be your trip….. And what would make this trip perfect for you is if you can easily tie on your own flies….. Reason?..... The Encampment …. where the hatch is at its best…. Is seriously private… no stopping at all…. So while I back row to hold us and you tie on a fly you might have lost on a fish or in the willows on the bank …. We’ll be able to take advantage of all those big heads coming up all around us! I, as always, supply flies and tippet and yes of course I can tie on the flies and leader/tippet…. We can always figure something out! Also… we have a brand new, pretty blue raft to bounce down the river with.

As my regular clients know Mid June through July as well as September usually book quickly so give a call or email and we’ll talk fishing.

Speaking of calls…. Unbelievably I’ve gone completely wireless….. So I now have only one number, year round 303 298 0848 I’ll have the numbers updated on our site soon Can it be long before I Tweet…. Have a Face in a Book…… or a Blue thingy hanging from my ear……. So easy a caveman can …………

And speaking of numbers…. This is our 10th year in operation!! Thanks everyone for all the great times… on and off the water…. Deb, Scout, Rod, Par, Phil, Ray, Jimbo, Beth and I look forward to the next ten……. If our rotator cuffs and livers can take it!

Off to visit friends and clients Charles & Sarah in Texas to see if we can fill the freezer with some wild pig….. might even have some available for grilling at the Guest House over the summer season….. I know my boys from Philly are holding out for the “ Pig fries “!

Just call with any questions and again…… Happy New Year!

Harrison’s Guest House & Guide Service