Wednesday, October 14, 2009

End of 09 looking forward to 2010!

Hi all,

Last folks out this am and Deb coming to collect me Wednesday.

Our best year by far... thank you..... lot's of our regulars and ton's of new groups... great fun and thank you all for your generosity of spirit and great company on and off the rivers!

It's been a long time since the last report .... I think I warned that would be the case...... 27 days on the rivers, creeks and lakes from early Sept to early Oct..... lots of fun and lots of fish! You all tuckered me out!

September was up and down.... early with warm, bright conditions and a Trico hatch that would not go away! Towards the end the fish were as picky as I've seen them..... If you've been eating the same food item for two months ya kinda get used to it! But when the bluewings started showing up the fish started behaving themselves... right Gary! Even then with Bluewings coming off in droves there were still tricos.... m ust have been a great egg laying session last season!

Then it got cold and stayed cold! Mayflies wouldn't come back and play and quite honestly it was tough.... we always caught fish, and at times it was great, but as we're all experiencing in the rocky mountain west.... snow, snow and cold water.... Had two boats out Saturday... air temp high of 25..... water probably about 39... still caught some nice fish... but at the end of the day the trucks heater was more than welcome.

I usually tout the first two weeks in October as Indian summer like, crisp in the am.... nice during the day and good fishing. The weather gods stuck it to me this year!

A couple of special shout outs to my military boys... Charlie, Morgan and Carl and the old farts Jim and Wayne... that was a special few days with you guys..... glad you all made it out ... Parr and I look forward to seeing you next season! Jim I'll have more fancy graphite and bamboo for you to play with next year! My family from Dusseldorf ...... a treat.. see you in 2010.... The " day of beauty " lads..... you endured a tough day and treated it like your best day of fishing ever.... let's fish in shorts next year... not in snowmobile suits!!! Bob, great having your dad out and too much fun with you and Mike in the boat together the last day..... tough crew! Another great visit from John, Ellen and Ben... I even remembered the fish cook out this year! To the 65ers..... my belly is big... my liver shriveled.... thanks as always! I've left out tons of folks to thank... I'll make up for it this winter in my occasional reports or telling of tall tales.

After the holidays I'll email out my thoughts on the 2010 season.... our tenth anniversary!! I have a lot of you already booked and talking about booking specific times next season..... we'll talk after I reintroduce myself to my favorite blonde chicks and sleep in a few days!

Truly.... thanks for everything folks!

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service