Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hi Folks,

August.... hot still, warm water....... not this year! With a couple of snows, some rain and very cool night time temps the sleeping and fishing have been outstanding. The fish are rising all day and night out front... trikes rule, terrestrials rule and the Bluewings are starting to show.

Outlook..... summer is over, cool weather looks like it's here to stay... the best of the best for our season.

Fishing.... With the Bluewings here and getting stronger every day and cool temps everything is a go... nymph early, dries mid morning forward and go ahead and throw a streamer every once in a while and see what happens! Or... just keep a dry on all day long.. you'll do fine! Took a little personal fishing time to exercise a few of the pets out front..... long leader down to 6 & 7 X, stealthy approach with size 24 Trico spinners or small beetle patterns...... it's a fun game!

Mushrooming.... Took my usual family and friends week or so off and have been eating fungi on a regular basis. My new favorite is the Shrimp Russula... dam thing, in age or when cooking or drying it , smells like shrimp or crab. It's an absolutely yummy shroom and is great in omelettes..... right Deb!

Crazy busy in September so the next report might be the last for the season... sometime in October. So if you need a current report just call in the evenings... in between large sips of fine to mediocre scotch I'm mumble a current report for you.

Be well and enjoy the fall!

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