Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saved Guide rejoices..

Hi all,

It's either too busy a season for me or I'm losing it!

First the fishing..... very nice! We've been getting September like weather ..... a little snow in the hills, 39 degrees in town yesterday am.... and enough rain to keep the river up, cool and fishing! Tricos in full swing and terrestrials working well as well.

Had a few trips up Bennett to Treasure... fishing great but..... I had my big dogs yesterday... Scott and Brad... back for their 5th trip and at 6' 6" each, mid 200lbs and my fat butt in the boat... well we dragged a bit! Water starting to get a bit skinney up there with a drift boat. Great company, great workout.... oh yea Scott saved the trip and my ass!

A lot of you have heard the story of the Kiwi worm.... it bares repeating to show that us guides are human or just goofy buggers, So my Kiwi guide buddy is in a bar one night.... friendly drunk Swede shoves weird looking worm pattern at my buddy... guide looks at fly... dam thing looks like an old fashioned barber pole... smiles says thanks.. throws it in his wallet and forgets about it.

A few weeks later my friend is with clients being dropped off by helicopter in a remote area in the Alps of the South Island... helicopter leaves... with my guide buddy's vest! Rods with lines and leader on them... no tippet, no bugs... nothing! Frantic guide looks in every nook and cranny trying to make any fly appear out of thin air.... ah ha.... in the wallet the Swede's worm. With that one fly they rocked! Big Browns on the South Island ate it up...... the guide has since turned me on to the pattern and those who fish with me know it... and love it!

Forward to yesterday..... everyone happy at the put in.... joking, a beautiful morning and off we go down the river... with a vest less guide!! I'm beating myself up and thinking we've got all day with the eight flies we have on the rods, no tippet.... Scott without missing a beat or concerned in the least hands me his vest full of flies and tippet! I love ya man!! We did very well except for the big crash..... my savior Scott went down in a pile as we entered a chute and I side swiped a rock.... not the way to treat your hero!! OK to crash Brad.... but not my man with the vest! Get better Scott and thanks for saving the day!!

And many thanks to " Jimbo " my shuttle driver... after locking my keys in the truck for the first time.. I'll be dammed if I didn't do it again a week later!!?? My man Jimbo looking after the boss man, checked before locking up the vehicle at the take out.. saw the spare key, laughed and put it in the gas cap.... Jimbo got a raise!!

So with the rest of the season fully booked ... a quick shout out to my folks...... bring a check list to the put in for me!!!!!!! I feel like the fourth grader who all day long walks around with his pants on backwards and the fly open.... blissfully unaware and happy!!

Enjoy our fall like weather... we'll see you on the river!

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