Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi Folks,

Really starting to feel like spring and the fishing is outstanding!Two days ago we had no less than 10 different species of bugs coming off... Drakes, Caddis, Stones ( little black and yellow sallies ), PMDs, Mahogany's, Blue Quills etc. We had pods of fish to work over... some wanted the Caddis and the others wanted the PMDs and a few wanted the Drakes... great fun.

Yesterday with bright blue sky's and no wind we had just a few bugs coming off, but the nymph fishing rocked with a good number of large fish.

For my spin fishing folks..... we killed on the lower river with one hole accounting for 3 fish over 20".... I won't tell you what on or where ...... membership does have it's privileges!!All right....... it was the town to Foote float and we killed them on R_______S...... like always I cut off two of the treble hooks and we loose very few and don't hurt the fish. If the fish are going to give it up like that it's good karma to treat them nicely!!

I think through July with the water we have it's going to be as good as it gets. August should be good in the early morning like always and September and early October as always will be superb.

Deb and I are busy putting on a new screen door, washing the deck, cleaning the grill and cooking meal after meal of wild mushrooms..... with all the rain we got this spring the Oyster Mushrooms have gone wild! My last five floats have seen me and my clients collect pounds and pounds of them! Lot's of new recipes with one that includes heavy cream, jalapeno's and sherry that is a champ!

Fish on folks, and we look forward to seeing you soon...... I'm off this afternoon to check on my Cutthroat Stream... will report soon!

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi all,

OK, first things first... a lot of you have asked if I got those mushrooms I talked about in my last report.... kinda. I floated yesterday with one of my shuttle drivers and we went to the place where I had scouted out a bunch of shrooms. Alas by the time we got there the little buggers were either dried out or full of beetles... dang! .... but wait we did run into a bunch of Morels... yeah! So don't you all worry I won't go hungry and might even have some about to share on your arrivals! But don't even bother to ask me where I got the Morels..... I'd give up a 10lb trout before giving up a Morel patch!

Alright back to business. Our beautiful river is trying so hard to drop if the rain would just give it a break ( if it stops raining for a second the river drops like a rock! ).... but.... even with the continued rain ( records being set daily ) the clarity of the river is still good and the fishing has been fair to excellent above the Encampment river. Mostly fair to good because of the constant coming and going of storm cells.... if we settle down for a week or so the fishing is going to be superb!

The weatherman seems to think during the course of the week we will be getting better.... less rain, sun and warmer... into the 70s this weekend..... about time! I'm looking more like a pasty Englishman than a rugged, tanned Wyoming fishing guide.

So to all the calls and emails I've been getting re: the water..... from here on out we'll be fine and getting better unless a storm shows up of biblical proportions. If that happens I'll be giving Mushroom floats..... the good news is on those floats it's all catch,keep and eat!!

Any questions give a yell or an electronic howdy.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Hi all,

We'll my prediction was going so well...... river dropping, clearing and the big bugs were starting to show last weekend........ All good things come to an end!

We've had unprecedented rains... I mean every day for now a week and their calling for a gully washer today! So the river is up, close to a couple of feet and over a 1000 cfs jump.

The clarity is not bad at all..... we just need the rain to stop, cause when it does the river will drop and it will be all on....

So if the rain stops falling..... by later next week...... into the weekend the fishing should be really nice.... Great for Rick and friends showing up next Friday but not so great for Bob, Barnard and their family. They're showing up in a few hours to stay with us for a couple of days for a 50th wedding anniversary and hoped to get a little fishing in..... I just hope the Guest House doesn't float to Pick Bridge with them in it!

So once I meet my clients I'm going to float the river tomorrow, with a step ladder in it.... and go collect some Oyster Mushrooms I scouted out the other day..... can't get to them without a boat and a ladder.... but they will be mine... oh yes.... they will be mine!

Fishing is on the way hang in their everyone!

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 307 326 6079