Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi all,

The fishing was as predicted, steady and with nice big fish. Dennis, a very good fisherman, had three fish in that 20” + or – range, one brown probably about 5lbs throwing the hook on a jump, and a good number of other fish. First fish of the Day to the boat was a beautiful 20” Bow with a red stripe an inch wide. She was almost fully recovered from the spawn and looking good!

We took fish on streamers and nymphs with lots of Caddis coming off with only one fish sighted on top…… so far… it’s a coming.

Water clarity stayed at 1 – 2 ½ feet throughout the day…. And it felt like July out… hot!

My prediction…. The Snowy Range has lost a lot of it’s snow, at last report down to 70% of it’s normal snowpack. The Snowies are where the Platte gets most of it’s run off snow above the Encampment. The Sierra Range still has close to 100% of normal snow pack… where the encampment gets most of it’s run off.

I think the Platte above the Encampment is going to fish well from here on and I don’t see it getting blown out, maybe a little higher but not dirty. More importantly this sets us up for a real good shot at getting in on the legendary but often hard to catch Salmon Fly hatch. For those who haven’t fished it ….. it’s one of those things us fisher types chase all our life trying to catch…… Bugs the size of hummingbirds on the water, in the bushes, on the rocks with everything, and I mean everything eating them! Birds, snakes, frogs, and of course Trout…… the first big meal of the year for a lot of critters.

Big Trout on dries is the deal.

As the Platte stays in good shape the Encampment should come along and be perfect towards the beginning of July just in time for another of our legendary hatches the Green Drake….. once again big dries and big fish. Now this hatch gets a lot of attention from local and traveling anglers… get up early, back eddy the boat in some soft water and wait until about 9 or so when the big green bugs start coming off….. we’ll see.

With the Encampment being full of water this also bodes well for the water downstream from Saratoga…. Good and cooler flows longer into the summer.

You’ll notice everything I’ve posted is good news……. Remember I’m a fishing guide…. The glass is always half full and the trout are all 20” plus!!

Early to mid June for the Salmon Flies and Early July for the Drakes.

All the best,
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hi all,We'll spring has sprung and after catching a few fish out front and visiting the Bennett Peak put in I think this could be the time for some big fish

.Visibility is good up to 2 - 3' out front and better up above the Encampment. This will be streamer fishing to the bank and any other quiet spots the fish may be hanging out. We'll also be using nymphs and maybe some dries in the quieter backwaters as the caddis are going nuts.

It looks like the big flush won't happen as it's been slowly coming off and now that the upper river is warming we could be in line for some big naive trout not used to us evil fisher types after a long winter lay off. They'll be congregated in very obvious areas for us to take advantage of.

So for all my front range guys and gals give a call and let's talk if you have an hankering to wet a line.... or those with miles just waiting to be used!Hope all is well with everyone! I caught a few fish out front with a couple of caddis nymphs.... emerger on top and of course a Buckskin on the bottom!

Best,Mitch 307 326 6079