Monday, April 20, 2009

First Trip of the Year

Hi All,

SO… our first day of the season is in the books.. And it was great!

Now let me explain great… One of my folks was back for his fourth trip and instead of Brother Scott I got the fun and pretty Gabriela as Brad’s partner. Really nice folks to spend a day in the boat with…. A little sun on the cheeks, waterfowl pairing up, deer, mink and even a Bob Cat which I’ll talk about later….. Any way a pleasant day on the Platte.

The fishing was great…. What I mean by great is we didn’t put tons of fish in the boat, but we did put a big Bow that was closer to 25” than he was to 20”.. A handsome boy fish far along on his recovery from the spawn. And two other fish.

So only three fish in the boat with a half a dozen other close calls and it was great? You bet. Spring on a freestone river depends on sun during the day and it still staying cold in the mountains. Even with that the water will be cold and the fish a little slow but…. It’s a nice time to get the rust off and catch a big fish. The pressure has been light, the fish are hungry and if you keep at it the chances of catching a fish like Brad’s big Bow are pretty good. And regardless where you’re fishing a 25” Rainbow is a large fish… a very large fish.

Also for me as a guide if the first day we just slayed them it kind of puts a kink in your psyche for the season …. You always want to slay them, you know it’s not always going to happen, so a slow day with a big fish is a cool way to get the motor warmed up for the season…… Somehow tempering expectations….. who knows Ken and Bob showing up next weekend might slay them and also see a mountain lion!

Speaking of felines…. We had just released our first fish of the day and everyone’s spirits were high when Gabriela told us we were being watched. On a sheer cliff, about 40 yards away, in a little cave, a Bob Cat was taking in the action. In all my years out and about I’ve only seen two, both times while fishing, both times on the Cheeseman Canyon stretch of the South Platte, and both time for just a brief flash…. You knew it wasn’t a neighbors overgrown tabby, too feral and quick, but I never got to watch and enjoy them for more than a split second. This little beauty was comfy, warm and safe and was content to stare us down from his or her little sanctuary. A rare bonus for us all!

So enjoy the pics of the Bow and Kitty and we look forward to seeing you on the river. Time to clean the boat, refill the fly boxes and welcome Ken and Bob for their first trip with us.

All the best,
Harrison’s Guest House & Guide Service 307 326 6079

Friday, April 10, 2009

Opening up for 2009

Happy Easter all!
Opened up yesterday and the house and cabin are still here! Only extra found was a trophy mouse in a trap. He's a keeper, I'm sending off the skull and fangs to Boone & Crocket thinking I might have the new State record!

Woke up this am and took off for the hills to take a hike.... snowshoe hike. We had a skiff of snow last night but in the hills it was miles and miles of champagne powder! About 10" of fresh. The snowshoeing was awesome... fresh snow, sun, no wind and a couple of moose.

The river is in great shape and ready to float. See attached photos out front of the Guest House. The road up to Bennett still has a few snow drifts but give us guides a few days and we'll dynamite our way through to the put in. Yesterday afternoon before the snow showed up it was warm and sunny with a f ew trout out front sipping midges....... dang it's good to be back!

So.... if you're inclined to get out and wet a line........ bring your warmest clothes but have a few Hawaiian shirts along... you never know in April.

Take advantage of our Spring special...... $300. for a day trip.... $100. off our regular season pricing. Heck I'll still provide flies and lunch! '

Expect the fishing to be slow with our cold water but don't be surprised if we have a banner day..... the best dry fly fishing I've ever had on this river was in April.... Blue Wings and a snow storm...... remember that Uncle Jim??!!

Off to clean and polish up the house.... Deb and her Mom ( Mom in from England to celebrate the nuptials of her Grand daughter ) are on their way up for the weekend to help me open up and for Deb and I to celebrate our 17th year of Deb putting up with a fishing bum! Have a great Easter!

All the best, Mitch Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service