Thursday, March 26, 2009

Exciting News !!!!!!!!!

Hey all,

Finally a big dumping of snow! Great for everyone.... but especially great for the North Platte Valley and it's rivers.

So the exciting news. I'm just back from Saratoga from meeting with the BLM and National Forest Service. As I think you would all agree we have tons of water to fish with a lot of choices. Well, our choices have just been added to!I now have BLM and Forest Service permits for all BLM and more Forest Service areas.

What that means is I can now guide Bennett Peak on weekends as well as during the week..... do you hear that Pat and Kyle? This years trip we're going up river! We also have rafts and shuttles available for floats from 6 mile to Prospect to Bennett. It's going to be fun! This also adds ton's of water to our fall sight fishing!Any thoughts or questions just yell... I'm in Colorado until the 9th of April 303 298 0848 then in Saratoga 307 326 6079 opening up and floating a bunch of new and old water!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Report 3/17/09

Hi all my fishers and fisherettes,

Are you kidding me? The weather has been outrageous out West, high 60s low 70s in the Colorado front range and even our lovely Saratoga is seeing 60!!

Good news... go fishing now! Client/Friend Allen from Tennessee dragged me along to go fishing with him last week, happily I might add! Went to the Blue River in the Silverthorne area in Colorado. Hell, Allen even let me catch a fish! It was fun,...... nice, big, healthy Rainbows........ I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't say that they don't compare to our fish on the North Platte........... but they were OK Nice to be out with Allen and wet a line!

All right.... a report. The snow pack in our drainage on the North Platte as we speak is good.... but we sure would like to get some more snow these next two months. It's gone a bit dry in the high country.

SO....... stay in touch, check my blog on the site, and if we get a slow run -off we may have some wonderful early season fishing.... April is always fun but if we get a slow run off look for May and June for great fishing and big bugs on top! I will let you all know!

Hope you all are fine with visions of jumping trout soon to come..... just received my yearly order of fly's, new waders and boots in the mail..... just like a little kid on Christmas day I am!

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Out in the water

Hi All,

It seems I'll be following some of my own tips next week. New friend and Client Allen B. has invited me to fish with him on the Blue River in CO. It seems he has some business up in Copper Mountain so... after business he booked a trip to fish and invited me..... long time since I've been on a guided trip myself...... I'll have to give the guide a rough time and really screw up my Karma for my upcoming season!

So what would you look for on a winter tail water like the Blue?? First I looked at the weather forecast.... partly cloudy... hmmmmmm.... in March...... break out the dry fly rod.. there has to be some Blue Wings and certainly midges to bring some heads up.

These bugs are tiny... the size has to be right. And these fish are educated so long limp tippets. If you're having a hard time seeing your bug just toss on a parachute something about a size 12 so you can see then drop the real bug about a coupule of feet off of it.

Don't forget your pam to wipe on your guides to fight off the ice!

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