Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fly Fishing tips for Winter/Early Spring

Hi Folks,

With the warm days a lot of Fly Fishing Talk and E Mails from the North Platte River and Encampment faithful are coming in.

It was suggested I add tips and tricks on a regular basis for folks.... so here ya go!

First and foremost the single, most important, without fail fly fishing secret to always catching more fish is......... PRESENTATION! The bug you use is is way down the list unless your in a blanket hatch and fish have been habituated to a certain size and color.... even then I often use a wildly different bug to break things up ( In February I've dragged an unweighted egg through a dry midge hatch, for fun, and slayed them!)...... make sure the wildly different bug is presented perfectly.... no drag or any unnatural movement.

Winter/Spring...... the water is cold, the fish are therefore sluggish.. as are the bugs! So... slow and perfect presentations, no drag and look for fish on the edges, not in the fastest of water, and look for them deep in the slowest of the water.... bounce bottom and go ahead and lose some bugs... the trout will like it!

Never give up on dries..... some of the best dry fly fishing of the year can take place in the middle of the most miserable weather.... snow, rain etc. No bad days, just bad clothing..... dress warm and look for heads during the worst of the weather..... midges & Bluewings love it... so will you!

Go out and get some! PS: Bring some Pam, the cooking spay, and spray some on your guides to cut down on all the ice build up! You can use it on your long haired dog during hunting season to keep burrs off as well.

All the best,
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service

Friday, February 6, 2009

WY Fishing deals for Spring

Hi Folks,

The warm 60 to 70 degree days out West have people thinking of resting their knees from the ski slopes and soaking them in some North Platte River water. Lots of calls…… for the summer/fall months…

A quick thought and some deals for you…

My mid June – September always book quickly…. In going through our fishing diaries we’ve always had wonderful fishing from Mid April – Mid May…. before run-off. But I usually only book a handful of trips during that time.

Most of that could be attributed to me scaring people off will tales of snow, wind and hail. While under selling the fact that we have fish that haven’t been harassed for a long while that are hungry… and it can also be sunny and warm! A good time of year to get into massive Blue Wing Olive hatches as well…….. My man Jimmy F. from Sacramento could tell tales of fifty+ hard feeding fish at his feet during a snow storm…. Then after dealing with a few 14 -16” fish hooking and landing a prime 23” brownie…. All on dries! A heroic shot of Jim and the big Brown are on my site….. snow, smiles and all!

So… yes in can be cold and snowy, it can also be sunny and warm. My good friend Ole from Oslo tells us there are no bad days….. Just bad clothing!
So here ya go…… My own little stimulus/bail out plan for my fishers of the Upper North Platte River….

Mid April – Mid May – run-off (whichever comes first)
Day Trips $100. Off = $300.
¾ Day trips $75. Off = $275.
25% off on all Alpine Adventure trips….. Great snowshoeing and critter watching in the spring/late winter.

20% off house and room rates.

Same goofy owner & fishing guide…. No extra charge.

Off to play in some fresh powder with our youngest……. And looking forward to soaking my knees in the North Platte with you. Only eight weeks until back in the boat for the season…. Ye hah!

All the best,
Harrison’s Guest House & Guide Service