Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 is with us !!

Hi Folks and Happy New Year!!

As most of you know I've been a bad kid with my blog ... as not attending to it since last May!
Well last year was kind of a bust any way with no water to speak of .... although we did have some grand fishing in the fall and real early in the season ... April , May.
As most of you also know I've started a new venture,
Offero is doing very well and yes I'll be transitioning totally to being Mr. Offero soon ... but for 2013 Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service will be running full tilt! You may not see me as much guiding, but Roger, Steve and the rest of our crew will be back to help you with your fishing or lodging adventures!

Keep you fingers crossed ... and I don't want to jinx the season .... but our snow pack is one hell of a lot better than last year! And if we keep on getting consistent storms, like we have been, we may actually have a " normal " year ! You know ... no flooding and no drought!!! Feel free to email or call any time and I'll give you and update!

Thanks for all of your support over the years!! Even if not guiding full time, I'll always have a place in Saratoga for you all to stop in, have a beer and talk fishing and catch up! My door will always be open to the folks who have made the last 12 years, soon to be 13, sooooo much fun !!

Cheers to you all!
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where's the snow???

Hi Folks,
Well it's going to be an early and late kind of season ..... no snow in the hills as most of you already know. Good news is the fishing is pretty good as we speak ... so come on out and get some while you can!
The fishing will probably taper off end of June, 1st of July ... then be it's usual great self again in the Fall!
Might be an epic Salmon Fly year ... if we have enough water to chase them on the upper river!
I'm opening up a little late, June 1,  as most of you know because I've been working 24/7 on a new company, Offero.
And, as it turns out this will be a perfect transitional platform for me to leave guiding and launch into my next adventure.
So this will be my last year guiding. I can't begin to explain how much fun it's been for us these past 11, going on 12 years. Great friendships and memories to last a lifetime. It's really been a blast! I certainly can't begin to explain how much the North Platte Valley has meant to me ... but it's just a perfect time for a change.
Deb and I are just back from a trade show in Portland and fell in love with the area .... who knows, maybe Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service will show up in the great North West during the spring - fall??? We'll always be in our CO. home during the winter ... skiing, kids and the grand kid don't you know!
Our country is an awesome playground and we don't want to miss any of the rides!
So this is not the end ... we have the whole season ahead of us, and I know the relationships we've enjoyed these last years will only continue flourish going forward.
I'm always a call, email or test away for river info this season ... or for any reason going forward!
We'll keep you posted and we can't thank you enough for your support and friendships!
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winter fishing in Arkansas with Jim!

A PS to my earlier report ....
Hi folks,
Just learned that a client and one of the nicest folks and one of the best fly fishers I've run across has become a partner/owner of a rocking fishing shop and guide service on the White River in Arkansas ... Home of the states record Brown Trout ( It might have come from the Little Red, a tributary, close enough) I can't recommend Jim enough .. he knows his stuff and if you've had it with snow head on down!
Here's his site .... I might see you down there ... the Platte is frozen!

End of Season report

Hi folks,
Finally settled down back in the big city ... and yes the Grand Kid is almost as big as some of the trout we caught this season!

We really did have a big fish season.. lot's of fish in that 22" - 25" range.. and a lot of them on dry flies! Good stuff! Maybe the flood, and losing a month of fishing, made the fish a little less spooky??? ..... Maybe more fish ran up from Seminoe Res with the big water?? Maybe my client base is made up of incredibly talented fisher-people??? Nope, I'm sure it's the guide! Regardless..... it was fun to see the nice numbers of big boys!

September was as wonderful as I can remember a September being ... beautiful days and the river bottom was incredibly bright with color and gorgeous. The Tricos lasted a little longer than I like and yes they fish started to get a bit picky ... unless you tossed a Kiwi Beetle in the pod ... why eat a little black&white bug when you can have a big, blue and peacock beetle pattern!

Word must be out as I've booked three trips this week ... weird... early... but happily accepted!

Thank you folks so much for your support. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, holidays and winter!
Stay in touch ... come Feb - Mar we should have a good idea what this springs water should look like ... hope we can fish before mid July this year!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

End of Season & Great Fishing!

Hi All,
Can't believe the season's end is on us.... but have we had a great late August - early September. Went out with new friend John and wife Farren (sp?) and had a great day last Tuesday ... Rain, overcast and mayflies! Heads up everywhere.

Terrestrials still doing great ... hoppers, beetles and ants oh my ... some very large fish on hoppers right Bill? 22" Bow in amongst the roots and junk in a back corner of a braid ... perfect Brown water.

My yearly group in from Oklahoma and John did it again ( see attached photo ) broke his previous big fish of his life from last year and broke it twice this year! 23" perfect Bow from the labor day hole ... that place has fished awesome for me now for 30 years! Well done John!

New fly fisher Josh on his first fly fishing float trip got royally screwed ...... landed a huge male Brown ( pic on a cell phone coming to share I hope ) about 23" all colored up, huge jaw, copper, yellows and red spots the size of quarters ...... it will take a while for Josh to top that ... or maybe not???

Al and Rick up tomorrow for their second trip of the year ... should be great as we have a cold front with clouds and rain on the way!

Grand baby George with Great Grand Ma, Grand Ma, Mom and Aunt showing up this weekend .... he's only 5 months old but I'll have him throwing 50ft with hoppers by the end of the weekend!

65ers show up the last week of Sept - early Oct to shut us down.... a quick but excellent year!
I'll be around till the 9th of October ... so if you're up, need a report or a float give a shout!
Mitch 307 710 0848

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hey boys and girls,
Well and truly into the summer now .. finally! Have to say it's been a very cool August, some mornings you'll see your breath and sleeping has been very comfortable ... not to mention the fishing has been good to superb!

Everything is still working ... nymphs, streamers, streamers with a nymph dropped off of it and as of the 14th the fish, for us, were looking up for big bugs. New friends from FL. Carl and Diane fished with me for four days and on the last day we committed to hoppers ... we had a great day, pulling some very large fish on top! About flipping time! Pretty good on the 19 - 21rst as well.

Funny story about the "hopper" fishing ..... so I share with a guide friend that the lower is on fire on top ... keep it between us for at least a little while... yeah right! So I hear a little later the info has been shared with a couple of 20 something guides in town. ( the twenty something will come into play later in this post)

So immediately one or both of the kid guides say I'm full of s--t . Now I would take exception to somebody saying I'm full of s--t except ... well ... ok .... I"ve been known to ... well ... be ... well yes ... full of s--t!! Deb says it's one of my more endearing qualities!

So anyway the reason I'm full of s--t is because the fish are not on hoppers .... dummy ... they're on Golden Stones of course. Well yes youngsters the fish very well could be eating the hopper pattern as Stoneflies .... or a giant beetle ... or a dragon fly ... or a mouse ... a Caterpillar, a baby muskrat or maybe even.. eh gads.... a hopper. The kids were very smug thinking that they, and not me, knew about the strange lower river hatch of summer stones we have.

About thirty years ago, before said youngsters were born, we used to call this the " half-back hatch" Back in the day the half-back was one of the go to nymphs to use when the big bugs were moving ... we saw all the stonefly husks on the rocks one late July early August and being smart kids we tossed on about a size 10 or 12 half back and slayed them. Even caught a few on top using stone imitations or god forbid a hopper pattern!

So if planning a trip to fish the lower ... if your an old guy bring a hopper pattern and hold on ... if your still waiting for your beard to grow in throw a stone pattern.... or if your really smart ... tie on a size 6 hopper on top and drop a size 10 stone off the back!

Tricos are happening but not in large numbers and we haven't run into any great spinner falls yet .... we'll see how the blue wings fare in a week or so.

I have about three days left open in the season to guide or if you're doing it yourself give a call and as always I'll tell you what we're seeing out there.
Harrison's Guest House & Guide Service 307 710 0848

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's on and should stay on!!

Hi Folks,
Finally the last 2 plus weeks the fishing is on .... nymphs but especially streamers. Bugs are hatching but the water is a bit too high for the dry fly lines to open up.
Streamers: try all colors you have, day to day the fishes preferences will change.
Predictions ..... hoppers are a bit behind .... cold weather ... but they are still out there in big numbers ... look to end of next week or mid August for these bugs to start hitting the water in earnest!
Be careful if floating the river on your own. I floated the lower section a couple of days last week and there's one sunk Hyde drift boat in the middle of the river and a cracked up raft in a log jam. The river is still big, with big new sand bars that make the entry chutes into runs... smaller with a quicker current and little room to maneuver ..... especially watch the bridge across from Hacks in town ... the current is quick and pushes you hard into the bridge abutments ...... had a close call there myself! ..... ahhhh but years of drinking good whiskey and the reflexes of a young cat saw me though!
As always for up to the minute reports give a call ... in the evening ...... I'm on the river otherwise!
Mitch 307 710 0848